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Wild West Queen West – Property Review 2/27

Staging - Yan Gurevich


Yan’s Wild West Queen West Property Review: Spring has started early, but not all flowers smell sweet at this time.  Pay close attention to the property @ 52 Beaconsfield Ave – one of my favourite streets in all of West Queen West.  You can do something really nice at 42 Brookfield and 73 Montrose if you can figure out their curb appeal.


Explore 63 Claremont, 42 Brookfield, 128 Macdonell, 73 Montrose, 119 Givins, 52 Beaconsfield.

I specialize in working with families who wish to move into the West Queen West area.  This is the most exciting part of Toronto’s Real Estate Market for me, as this area is probably one of the most stable real estate investment pockets out there.  Rents often dictate price in this corridor as those who cannot afford to buy, and choose to rent, flock to the West Queen West Corridor.  I call it the Wild West Queen West, because it’s full of prospectors, cowboys and financially stable customer base.  Even the parents who buy their kids homes in this area want to now move here.

Developers! Do you know which house can bring you the most return in this area?  What is the ideal width of the lot to build on?  Should you tare down a house here?  Gut it completely?  Do a cosmetic remodel?  Ignore completely?  There are proven approaches to each home in this area.  Let us discuss all the scenarios together.  Let’s crunch those numbers, make the right decisions together and make sure you don’t leave your profit up to “LUCK”


Explore the Wild West Queen West Real estate market with Yan:  647 209-4004

Yan Gurevich knows about property staging

If you’re ready to work with a real estate professional who knows intimately not only the homes you are considering purchasing, but what may lie behind the old and tired surfaces, shouldn’t we have a tete a tete soon?