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About WQW Property Marketeers

 About WQW Property Marketeers

WQW Property Marketeers is a Team of Real Estate Brokers who focus their activities on an ever improving Toronto lifestyle experience, starting with the coveted West Queen West corridor which includes: Trinity-Bellwoods, Little Portugal, Parkdale, Roncesvalles, Palmerston-Little Italy, and for us extends to Niagara, The Junction and the Annex.


WQW Property Marketeers
Yan Gurevich – Broker. (Team Lead )

WQW Property Marketeers (Philosophy)

Our process includes preparing, pre-marketing, and pre-selling your home even before it goes on the market. On the other side, we take you on a methodical hunt for homes that have not even debuted yet on Toronto’s real estate market, starting with a careful evaluation of investment grade properties and live/rent opportunities you’ll definitely love, and fit right in with.

Buyers who are looking for your home need time to hear about your property, make a decision that they may be interested in your property, arrange to see your property, coordinate with loved ones and advisers to see your property and help them decide if they want to invest most of their savings to purchase a home for sale in the Queen Street West area.  This process is better orchestrated by carefully targeting your potential buyers, and helping them go through all the many steps needed to pay the highest possible price for your home.  This cannot be achieved accidentally.


WQW Property Marketeers (Methods)

Our approach to selling homes came from analyzing how large corporations create massive launches of new products, and  achieve a huge first week on the market results.

We then incorporate as many of the practical tools we observed as we can apply to home sales to achieve unmatched results in our business.

This means my team prepares the market for your home, not just prepare your home as it goes for sale in Toronto’s real estate market, particularly in the highly coveted Queen Street West area.  The years we spent testing our methods, what information to share with the audience and when, as well as which tools we use for each action are as important to our approach as the actions we take.  We track all our results and with each new listing we try improve our methods to increase our effectiveness.


The average seller out there may start out only interested in what we think their property is worth and how much we charge to list their property.  After we share our approach, sellers begin to understand that we don’t stop until we’ve exhausted every option to make sure we get the most value out their property.  Our “WQW Method”, and not the “Traditional” sign on the lawn, and a few photos on the MLS make the experience transparent, and not a mystery to the sellers.  There is no question how or why their Queen Street West property received the attention or the price it got.  The WQW Method leads to higher returns and a better experience for the seller.

Our methods are not rigid.  They are fluid, adapting to the client, the property and the market conditions.  In a strong market, too many sellers rely on demand to sell their homes.  We’ve heard it all: “Just stick up a sign and the home will sell itself”.  We say, “Imagine how much your home would sell for if you actually did the work”?

Navigating the West Queen West real estate space is an epic adventure, driven by much imagination and creativity.