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Why be involved with “The Laneway Project?”  Laneways in Toronto are a poorly, or seldom used part of our city.  Typical use for these city arteries are for access to parking or detached garages.  Laneways are seldom seen as safe, viable, or inviting spaces.  the purpose of this event is to educate, inspire and encourage residents to spearhead a better use of their local laneways… be it for pedestrians, local businesses, as green spaces, or a location for children and adults to gather and play safely.

Toronto Fine Homes

(Real Estate Sales Team composed of Duncan James Cameron and Yan Gurevich)

Duncan at “Here Comes the Sun” laneway party

Yan Gurevich at Here Comes the Sun


in cooperation with:

The Laneway Project

is happy to announce that we will hold a free information session about our collaborative effort to improve laneway life in Toronto.  The purpose of this session is to communicate the purpose of “The Laneway Project” as well as the Regulations and Challenges associated with building Laneway Housing.


Laneway Event Details:


Location: 113 Davenport Road (Harvey Kalles Real Estate Yorkville Office (Parking is on Davenport or side streets.)


Meet and Greet: 6:00 -6:30 PM  (Snacks and refreshments)

Presentation:      6:30-7:30 PM

Question Period: 7:30 – 8:00 PM


Executive TBA (The Laneway Project) — Mandate and Mission

City Planner/Developer  — Regulations Regarding Laneway Housing Construction (Legalization, Zoning Bi-Laws, Setbacks, Permitting, Etc)

General Contractor – Queen West Specialist — Technical challenges of building on laneways and budgeting.

Toronto Fine Homes — Evaluating Coach houses/Laneway Houses and Rentability