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Wild West Queen West – Property Review 2/27


Yan’s Wild West Queen West Property Review: Spring has started early, but not all flowers smell sweet at this time.  Pay close attention to the property @ 52 Beaconsfield Ave – one of my favourite streets in all of West Queen West.  You can do something really nice at 42 Brookfield and 73 Montrose if you can figure out their curb appeal.


Explore 63 Claremont, 42 Brookfield, 128 Macdonell, 73 Montrose, 119 Givins, 52 Beaconsfield.

I specialize in working with families who wish to move into the West Queen West area.  This is the most exciting part of Toronto’s Real Estate Market for me, as this area is probably one of the most stable real estate investment pockets out there.  Rents often dictate price in this corridor as those who cannot afford to buy, and choose to rent, flock to the West Queen West Corridor.  I call it the Wild West Queen West, because it’s full of prospectors, cowboys and financially stable customer base.  Even the parents who buy their kids homes in this area want to now move here.

Developers! Do you know which house can bring you the most return in this area?  What is the ideal width of the lot to build on?  Should you tare down a house here?  Gut it completely?  Do a cosmetic remodel?  Ignore completely?  There are proven approaches to each home in this area.  Let us discuss all the scenarios together.  Let’s crunch those numbers, make the right decisions together and make sure you don’t leave your profit up to “LUCK”


Explore the Wild West Queen West Real estate market with Yan:  647 209-4004

Yan Gurevich knows about property staging

If you’re ready to work with a real estate professional who knows intimately not only the homes you are considering purchasing, but what may lie behind the old and tired surfaces, shouldn’t we have a tete a tete soon?

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West Queen West – Property Review

WQW Wild West Queen West (Februaray 23. 2018)

Follow Yan through home previews in the West Queen West Corridor of Toronto as he shares his insights about new listings.

You’re too busy to see some of these homes, so I will do it for you and give you some feedback.

As a realtor in the Queen West Corridor, I adore seeing any type of home. Nothing is too weird, ugly, difficult or impossible to work with.

I spend time with end users and home renovators, developers and flippers in the Queen West Corridor guiding them on finding value in each property for their needs.

In these Blog Posts I will share my insights about newer listings in the West side of Downtown Toronto.

Want my commentary on a home you’re interested in? Why wait? Give me a call and I will be happy to navigate the Wild West Queen West real estate world with you.



90 & 222 Markham, 53 Palmerston, 194 Argyle, 38 Foxley, 46 Cowan

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STAGING – CBC reports on home staging and what Home Staging can do for a sale price of a home in Toronto.

Staging: Watch Yan Gurevich – Real Estate Agent with Harvey Kalles Real Estate chat to CBC about staging his listing in Little Portugal, West Queen West, and witness the work being done by Ella Zetser, top Toronto stager (The Last Detail, Stager’s Source).

“Staged homes could earn between 6 and 15% more if staged properly” – CBC.

I am often amazed how few homes are staged before photos are taken and homes are shown to the public by the agents.  Even less homes are prepared by professional stagers who’s job it is to make sure that every room in your house looks as appealing to all potential buyers as they can be.


In most cases, even if your house has plenty f furniture and all your walls are covered by art or photographs you really appreciate, a professional stager will quickly separate what works for a functional space from a space that is ready to be shown.


I am always excited to hear a client’s gasp once they see one of their own spaces again, for the first time, after me and my stager have prepared it.  It’s like a house you can fall in love with again.

Once staged and properly marketed, This home sold well over asking, and set a record at the time for a home that size in that pocket of Toronto.


So what are the key elements of staging that nearly all homes in West Queen West that my team has listed, which really made a difference in final sale price for my sellers?


  1.  Trim trees and bushes
  2. Fresh paint on outside doors, railing and window frames.
  3. Fresh flowers  even if in pots.
  4. Cleared gutters and eaves
  5. Cleared inviting sidewalks


  1.  Fresh, appropriate coloured paint.
  2. New lighting – If you can’t see the space well lit in all its glory, no amount of staging and painting will be enough.
  3. Clean and clear open spaces.  The more floor potential buyers see, the more the house will appear larger.  But keep in mind that the right furniture is essential to making a space appear even bigger and more appealing.
  4. Clean windows and window sills.  Yo may have a great view…but it’s a turn off if the buyer needs look at it through dirty screens or unwashed windows.
  5. Clean kitchens and bathrooms.
  6. Areas that you feel like spending more time in:  That’s a big part of what your stager does…making each part of your house a place buyers are going to enjoy spending in.  Other buyers see people linger…and that makes them want your house even more.



More about home and condo staging by Contacting Yan Gurevich directly.


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Look, Live & Dream Toronto-style with Queen Street West Real Estate

Take a stroll down the Queen West area of Toronto, and you’ll find it hard not to fall in love with what the neighborhood has to offer – truly more than a few steps above from your average shops, well-known flavors, and local attractions. Queen West is where Toronto goes to reinvent itself: on its streets, it’s hard to ignore the up-and-coming – because it’s what envelops this part of town.

From art galleries, to independent boutique shops, patios, and a whole slew of all things hipster in the most trendy of ways, Queen West real estate, comprising neighborhood staple houses, luxurious high-rise condos, and even independent retail is competitive, stylish, and rewarding for anyone who makes the cut.

The Look

Queen West real estate is perfect for anyone who lives and breathe the independent creative culture that Toronto has cultivated for itself in the past decade. Add to that, it also doesn’t hurt to call one of Vogue’s coolest neighborhoods your own home, especially if you’re all for panoramic skyline views of the city condos along the strip have to offer; or quaint, old-charm houses interspersed between a bustling retail scene and small corners intersecting into the Queen West strip.

All in all, the look of Queen West real estate is multifaceted, designed to appeal to just about everyone: all the way from tailored suits and the next big ideas, to young families, and the city’s trendy hipster scene.

The Life and Style of Queen Street West

Though home to a variety of up-and-coming labels, hipster trends and artisan shops, fret not, for you will find yourself easily taking in all these new sights and flavors, a nice refresh from the places and brands you already know and love.

Enter the Queen West area, and you’ll find all the same things you need occupying valuable real estate along the strip, like a trusty tailor, bookstore, clothes rack, accessories depot, spa, gym, yoga studio, restaurants, pubs, bars, the finest of the Drake Hotel and everything else – albeit with a unique, trendy, and lifestyle magazine-worthy spin!

The Dream

If living in this soulful city-center paradise is your dream (at this point, why wouldn’t it be, if it isn’t already?), there’s just one tiny caveat: thanks to the good life the Queen West promises, real estate pricing isn’t exactly the friendliest, as for good reason, a spot in this neighborhood is arguably one of the most coveted in the country, if not the world.

But for this we dare say: for the Toronto lover at heart, and with the right mix of savings, skills, and the spirit to flourish with a knack for trendy living, there’s always cool new spots, drink patios, art, and bites to find yourself in, and grab – all more than making up for the possibly hefty price tag!

Embrace the look, feel, and dreamy lifestyle Queen West has to offer. Invest in this part of town’s real estate, and form part of its creative and cultural revolution taking on the rest of Toronto! Get in touch with us at (647)209-4004 for real estate scoop.

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West Queen West: Live in the Hippest Part of Toronto

Photo : @harryzy5204 /Instagram

Where lifestyle, culture and home ownership collide

Walk along Queen Street West and you’d be hard pressed to see any changes over the past decade. All the fashion chains you’ve come to know and love litter both sides of the streets with foot traffic that rivals parts of NYC. Queen Street has always been know as that hip part of Toronto that’s just different enough to be “cool”. But venture far enough West along Queen Street and you slowly come to a part so distinctly different that they had to add another “West” to the namesake just to make sure that you knew you were somewhere different. Move along Queen West peeps, this is ‘West Queen West’ – where the word ‘Hip’ has no bounds and all are welcome.

There is something to be said about the neighborhoods hugging West Queen West, they’re a more diverse mixed dish than your grandmother’s famous stew. All kinds of people live in these areas, from the downtrodden artist to the secret plutocrat, and they all call this region their home. It is a unique area in which the old are old, and are ready to pass down their deeds; and as for the young, well, they range from young-and-upcoming to the young at heart. The latter of which is what lights up nights in these areas. Don’t believe us? Walk along Ossington on a Weekend night and let that experience redefine the word “youth” for you. We’re not talking about the reckless binge drinking, “woooo-ing” party type that you might see waddling on King Street, no.


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These streets don’t just facilitate nightlife for people; the people are the nightlife. These areas aren’t just places for people to party on. They are social hubs where community and culture collide to create something new, and is then re-invented again every night. The type of unique businesses, boutiques and shops that you see in these communities are indicative of the type of culture that they represent. Cookie cut chains and franchises need not apply. Perhaps that’s why Vogue named Toronto’s “West Queen West” the second-hippest district in the world in 2014; second only to Tokyo’s Shimokitasawa district.

99% of the time

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Combine everything you read, and it’s easy to understand why West Queen West is one of the most sought after areas for prospective home-buyers and renters. Everyone wants to either live or work here. From bachelors, students, artists, entrepreneurs to families. It’s the most ideal and well rounded place for all types of life. Those who want to downsize and live a more quaint life tucked away in a picturesque home, now can. For those who want to up-size and renovate decades old lots for something more modern, now can. The young and young-at-heart who want to be close to the hip lifestyle but distant enough for solitude, now can. Those who want to re-energize their artistic needs by surrounding themselves with the most creative and hip minds a neighborhood can offer, now can. And for those who want to start a business counter to the establishment, you wont find a more eclectic and experiential customer base than those on West Queen West. Seriously, we’ll try anything, at least once.

Double Salsa Verde Burger (Taster: @fidelgastros)

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